Monday, April 26, 2010

Destruction of My Life.

Day after day, after tired build my life whole day and night, I found myself in destruction. I build every ladder of my life, I build it for myself that I may see the sun shining upon my face, that I may see the moon shining upon my heart, that I may see the stars shining upon my smile; I build it with my spirit but I just can see destruction of my life.

I tried to build my life as perfect as other people can do, but my life embedded deep inside the shadows.
I tried to breathe but there's no air, I feel like I'm breathing in the space full of blood.
I tried to speak, but my voice screaming inside of my heart that no one could hear every beat of my heart.
I lift my hands to achieve life, but I just reached dust of life.
I tried to stand up, but the storm of hypocrite always dropping me lying on the ground full of hatred of mankind that nobody cares about me.

Although I always smile in front of you, but behind that smile, you never knew my world was falling apart. If the life can be build by using the computer, I will create the world full of colors; means there would be the happiness, joyfulness, gladness, cheerfulness, pleasure, bliss...

I know this writing is too short to tells you about my life but if I written anything about my life on this blog, I think it not enough.
Thank you for reading.

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